Open-source Blockchain KYC

Build safer user experiences with our fast, accurate & open-source APIs.

  • Assets breakdown
  • Sources of funds
  • Movement alerts
  • Related wallets
  • Sanctions monitoring

Why use Barreleye?

We believe in open-source and safe on-chain interactions for everyone.
  • Self-Hosted or Paid

    Start on a laptop, then move to your own infrastructure or our cloud.

  • Built for Developers

    API-based server & indexer designed in blazingly fast Rust.

  • Crazy Scalable

    Designed with battle-tested OSS to handle terabytes of data.

  • Actively Developed

    Managed updates for networks, forks, tokens and on-chain protocols.

  • Multi-Chain by Design

    Built from the ground up to expect a multi-chain future.

  • Built in Public

    We build in public under AGPL-3.0. Contributions welcome.